About Ya Homie Hera

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Long story short, I forgot about the blog posts that we are required to do.

I know what you’re thinking, “How can you forget? We have literally talked about these all year!”

I am a forgetful person and was busy enough with classes and sports that this blew right  by me. But hey, I can still get credit for this semester so lets go.

I’m in my first year here at UBC going into a bBachelor of Arts degree while playing varsity rugby. The main reason why I took Arts One as a course was because it offered a great deal of credits for little class time, and also met requirements that I need for my degree. It has probably been the best idea of my life honestly, it’s a super fun and stimulating course. I love all the books we have read and it’s improving my writing skills so much. This is especially great because I’m hoping to major in journalism.

I’d like to think I am a pretty neat person. I have been playing rugby for six years now, and this has led me to playing for the province quite a few times. A lot of my time is devoted to this sport and getting better at it. I also coach rugby which is so much fun, I love seeing people improve in a sport that means so much to me.

I am also an artist. I love using watercolour and draw a lot of pop art inspired pieces. It’s very calming for me and I love expressing myself through it. I’m hoping to start making prints soon, but I’m currently too broke to even afford a coffee.

Coffee is basically my fuel too. I drink at least 17 cups a day (okay that’s a bit exaggerated) and go through withdrawals if i don’t have one in the morning. It’s safe to say I am addicted to this delicious caffeinated beverage and this addiction only got worse after I started attending this school.

Along with being artistically decent at painting, I also am great at sewing. I have made a lot of clothing and my most proudest achievement has been my grad dress. It turned out super nice and even made my date a matching tie. The best part was that it only cost me 80$. It’s honestly such a confidence booster when someone asks you where you got something from and you say “Oh, I made it.”

And last but not least, I love spaghetti, with all my heart.