The Elephant in the Room


Architects have unprecedented access to increasingly new and sophisticated digital tools and processes. The power to conceptualize, prototype, and share open content is within the grasp of growing numbers of designers. One promise of this digital revolution is the ability to generate mass customizable modules and parts that can be fashioned to respond to local need or formal desire. Problematically, the actual production of these architectural components is still not within reach. Material production remains in the hands of an entrenched industrial sector that resists retooling, so the potential of custom products designed by digital tools is prohibitively expensive and largely unrealized. This pavilion prototype is a test of two projects that directly  challenge this paradigm. We strive to address this limitation by putting control of material modification directly in the hands of the designer.


HiLo Lab has been working to combine multiple research streams into full scale constructs. The first P.O.P. House, titled 100 Mile House. The Zippered Wood and Spanning Plastic projects combine to generate a full scale pavilion designed to house student performances, impromptu teaching, and relaxing by students. Located directly adjacent to the Lasserre Building on UBC’s main campus, the project is scheduled to be complete early summer 2019. We would like to thank UBC SEEDS for their ongoing support for this project. It has been invaluable and is greatly appreciated.

Fig 1: A conceptual rendering of the 100 Mile House sitting outside the Lasserre building at UBC.