Students (in groups of 2-3) will give a presentation on an innovative approach influenced by technology or artistic experimentation focused around breaking down a scene.

Questions you can answer:

  • What makes this film original?
  • What were the key innovations or creative leaps made?
  • What work, if any, did this innovation emerge from?
  • What can we see in the clip you have chosen?
  • Why did you choose it?

To prepare for this presentation you will need to watch the film beforehand and do your own analysis and research. Present in 10 MIN or LESS the clip and your analysis to the class.

  • Focus on ONE SCENE for your discussion
  • Comment on what is interesting, innovative, or effective in the clip
  • In your written submission of ONE PAGE max, count the number of shots in your scene and describe them briefly and what innovation the scene presents. Submit GROUP WORK TABLE along with your notes.


Time slots will be chosen in class on Sept 19th.