History of Film Production

FIPR 101

Class 5: Japanese Classicism & Hollywood romance

This week we dashed through the massive changes that occurred with the advent of sound, from changing styles of filming and the “sound stage”, to genre in Hollywood. Also extremely important in this period were Japanese “Shomingeki” films, typified by Ozu,¬†and the rise of stars in Chinese cinema. We discussed briefly Late Spring, and I was born but…

SLIDES for this week’s class

Mark Cousins- The Story of Film, Ch1-3

We also had some great presentations about one of the more important films of this period, Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, 1941. Here’s the trailer and a scene.


We watched Howard Hawks screwball comedy “Bringing Up Baby”. Read more about some of the ways screwball comedy, and specifically this film, played with gender norms.

Bringing up Equality: Gender in Howard Hawk’s Screwball Comedy¬†

Relationships and Gender in Screwball comedy

Bringing Up Baby Ripped Dress scene

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