Top Canadian Web Hosting Reviews 2020

As a Computer Science student here in the great white north, I have spent a lot of time studying and sampling various digital platforms. The competition in the field has never been more abundant, and the force of this pressure has managed to create a few options which rise above the rest;  for this reason, I found it pertinent to compile a list of Canadian web hosting reviews based on my findings.

High-quality web hosting providers who remain affordable and reasonably user-friendly are not exactly standard.

It seems that the price of a smooth and straightforward interface is often financially steep, while many less expensive options are remarkably tricky to configure, low on bandwidth or disc space, or lack the essential support to make the process genuinely worthwhile.

Discovering the right web host for you and your business can be an exceedingly difficult task. Sometimes, the value offered by each option is obfuscated, and it can be bewildering to try to calculate whether you are getting a great deal or not– rather, options which advertise themselves as offering great “bang for your buck” are often providing the exact the opposite.

Most of these sites deal with the same fundamental hosting options” Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server, and Cloud Hosting… Shared hosting is best for small websites and projects, and is often very affordable. Typically blogs, personal sites, and lo-fi local businesses can benefit from shared hosting. VPS Hosting, on the other hand, is quite similar but provides more significant opportunity to define one’s own server space; Virtual Private Server hosting is less expensive than many other options. Large-scale websites will probably want to go with a Dedicated Server Hosting option, which gives an entire server to a site– perfect for high traffic projects. Cloud Hosting is more versatile and flexible, and can adapt to the changing needs of a business.

Although there are many excellent international options, there is an undeniable convenience to choosing a platform located in the same country as you (or your business). So, for anybody looking for exceptional service and convenience, allow your choice to be informed by these Canadian web hosting reviews!

Web Hosting Canada ( was founded in 2003. Currently based in Montreal, they continue to expand their impressive portfolio of Canadian web hosting experience to businesses around the entire country, from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic.

With well over a decade of experience, has gained a loyal following and earned a very positive reputation for understanding the nuances of modern web hosting and providing excellent customer service; not only do they have representatives on-hand on a 24/7 basis through instant chat, phone, and email, but they also deal in Canadian currency! offers unlimited disk space and yet remains on the lower end of the price spectrum. offers affordable domains, security & SSL, online marketing, email, website, and web hosting & server services.

Choose from a variety of hosting plans, cloud servers, and dedicated servers to find the option right for you and your needs!

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Host Papa (HostPapa.Ca)

Host Papa is another tremendous Canadian option; creating a website is made extremely easy by this distinguished branch.

A website can be made by anyone with functional digital literacy in just minutes, without the hassle or added cost of working with designers and programmers. Not to mention, the control panel itself is straightforward and user-friendly. If you have do have trouble, however, an assortment of informative tutorial video content is also available.

The servers are specifically engineered to provide fast loading speeds and smooth user experience. Host Papa delivers remarkably quick and easy service, as a dependable business email network and website are efficiently created and seriously protected. Host Papa goes takes comprehensive measures to improve and enhance their firewalls, security, and intrusion detection.

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Canadian Web Hosting (

Canadian Web Hosting is another leader in all sorts of online infrastructure products, packages, and services in the nation, offering an impressive array of options to suit a wide range of needs. These well-reputed servers are versatile enough to meet any company’s needs in regards to functionality, protection, and compliance.

Almost any business will be able to find an ideal hosting option, as Canadian Web Hosting deals with everything from app hosting to cloud computing and guided support assistance. With public servers, storage, and database services out of Canada’s East and West (Toronto and Vancouver), Canadian Web Hosting utilizes a foundation of OpenStack to provide many database administration and personal cloud computing services, too.

Canadian Web Hosting offers private clouds which are scalable and based within one or several of their data centres. The company also supports VMware virtualization with an optional of virtual SAN,  as well. Whether using Windows or Linux, the designs are user-friendly and uncomplicated. Script installs require little more than a single click.

For higher functionality, SSD Cloud Servers are made available to optimize load time; this improved speed represents significant value, as access to SSD Cloud Servers is one of the most affordable options, in some areas. These high-quality online solutions offer all of the benefits of cloud-based solutions without the extravagant cost which often comes along with such choices.

The pricing is flexible, and there is no additional cost for hardware.

Honourable Mention:

Although Green Geeks was founded in California and is distinctly American, they have worked hard to maintain a steady Canadian presence. They are not explicitly Canadian network providers, but their services in the country are still worthy of mention.

Green Geeks is on the cutting edge of the eco-friendly movement and working with them will immediately have a positive impact on your carbon footprint, promoting the continued development of wind power in business & industry. In over ten years of business, they have worked with more than 35,000 customers, hosted more than 300,000 websites, and replaced over 615000 kWh of wind every year.

On top of all of this, their web hosting services have been among the best on the continent over the decade.