“I’m an actor. When I came to UBC I considered a BFA but I just had this idea in me that I wouldn’t make it so I didn’t bother—so that’s one regret I have at university, but at the same time it’s ok because I’ve taken theatre electives alongside my psych classes.”
“What led you to believe that you wouldn’t make it in?”

“I took theatre classes throughout [high school] and I auditioned for a total of 7 shows, and I got into 2 of them, which was pretty demoralizing for me. It was like, ‘Well if I can’t even get into my high school theatre show, how am I going to make it into the BFA program? That’s such an unrealistic dream.’ Last year I joined the UBC Musical Theatre Troupe, which is one of the performance clubs on campus; it just brought me back in and boosted my self-esteem again.”

“What do you like about acting or theatre?”
“Whoever you are in real life doesn’t matter, whoever you are on stage, you could be someone completely different… someone I’m not.”
“I’ve asked you a lot. Do you have anything you want to ask me?”
“Yeah, actually. Since we talked so much about relationships… do you have advice on how to get over your first heartbreak?”