“I’ve moved around a lot, Vancouver is city number 10 or 11. When people ask me where I’m from, I don’t know what to say. I usually have a long-winded explanation about just me being confused. I moved to Delhi for my gap year, it’s awful. I stopped exercising because I didn’t want to do yoga or my morning jogs in the smog. I was stepping out onto the street in the summer to head to the airport, and the asphalt was sticking to my shoes. I was like “good riddance, I’m not moving back here”.

It becomes a weird interplay of understanding yourself and getting to know the world around you and navigating both of those things. It was quite difficult when I moved to Delhi which is saying something because I had lived in England a little while before that. The culture was something I was more comfortable with [than Delhi]. It hit me that it’s not about the country you’re in, it’s about the microclimate or environment.

I used to do a lot of treks in the Himalayas. The person I was dating at the time, was right in front of me and she was looking at the clouds for some reason while on a bridge over a river. Like that’s a recipe for disaster. There was a missing log, and I was talking to her and she was there one moment and she wasn’t there the next. She fell down through the bridge into the river. It wasn’t deep, she wasn’t hurt, hence the funniness. It was very cartoon-like. I would love to go back there soon. I’m a big bird watcher so that’s beautiful for me. I’ve seen a lot of rare birds flying around there. Each new trek spot I go to feels completely different, I love it.”