English 301 is an online course offered by The University of British Columbia. The course focuses on professional online communications. It is designed for students in all disciplines who are looking to develop their technical writing skills. Additionally, the course aims for students to interact with each other through group work and peer editing. Students will be exposed to different forms of communication and will need to prepare a variety of different documents which include; abstracts, proposals, applications, reports and many more. Work will be done independently, in collaboration with Dr. Paterson and in writing teams. English 301 is comprised of 4 units which are; 1. Principles, Practices and People in 301, 2. Designing a Report Proposal; Defining Terms with Audience in Mind, 3. Designing a Report Outline & Draft; Building your Resume and Job Application Skills and 4. Drafting the Formal Report; Peer Review and Final Report; developing networking strategies.

My expectation of the course:

I’m hoping to improve my professional writing skills. I am in arts and am capable of writing essays, but technical and professional writing is very different. I have a job lined up for me once I graduate and it is in the business field. Going into this position I want to feel prepared and confident when it comes to writing proposals. Moreover, I want to improve my resume, LinkedIn and gain better networking and job application tips. I believe coming out of university many students feel overwhelmed with the process of finding a job so if this course can lessen the burden, even slightly, I will be grateful.