Mercedes-Benz “Magic Body Control”

Mercedes-Benz Advertisement

As all you can see in this recent Mercedes-Benz advertisement, they have used a dancing chicken to demonstrate the stability of its “Magic Body Control” suspension system. At the beginning of the advertisement, a whole bunch of chickens were shown on the screen. Their bodies have been moving around, but we can clearly see that their head didn’t move. The reason here is because chicken lacks of an ocular system, which let humans see objects in a stationary way even if their body move. Mercedes- Benz used this phenomenon to illustrate an idea to consumers, their car just like the chicken heads, no matter how fast the car is moving, it will also stay at the most stable way.

In my opinion, there are both pro sides and con sides about this advertisement. For the pro side, this is a creative advertisement. When people first watch this video, they probably have no idea of what this advertisement is trying to say. Therefore, they will stay in front of the TV and watch till it ends. When the advertisement is about to finish, they will realized that the chicken is actually representing about how stable is the Benz suspension system, as a result, this advertisement will give the audience motivation to try the car. Another pro side is that the cost of this advertisement is quite low, but they can let people know how stable the Mercedes-Benz is. What they use in this video is only chickens, people and a camera.

On the other hand, this advertisement does contain shortage. Mercedes- Benz is a luxury brand, but in the advertisement they used chicken to represent the car which could make people think that Mercedes- Benz is something cheap. And also, the value of this brand will be depreciated.

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