IDRN Scholars’ Cafe on Feb 25th — Education in Haiti

A Critical Study of Development Interventions in Education: Educational Policies and Governance in Haiti, 1980-2013: Progress, Redundancy, or Gridlock? With Gerald Fallon and André Mazawi.

When: Feb 25th, 12:00pm

Where: Liu Institute, 1st floor Research Unit 

RSVP: idrn.ubc@gmail.com

Snacks and coffee will be provided.

 IDRN Scholars’ Café is a monthly series of informal conversations over coffee/tea, fostering casual but thoughtful conversation on relevant cross-cutting topics related to international development. Open to all faculty, graduate students, and practitioners, these events aim to promote stimulating discussions on a wide range of relevant topics. The IDRN Scholars’ Cafe also aims to facilitate a much needed dialogue between scholars and practitioners and an advancement of international development, both in theory and in practice.

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