Teaching and Learning Professional Growth

My interests in teaching- and learning- related professional development are varied, as indicated in the various sub-sections of the ‘professional growth’ portion of my portfolio.

Below are workshops and events I have attended, that are not captured in the Facilitation, Writing, Portfolio, SoTL sections. In addition to the items listed below, a lot of great learning happens when I attend conferences in my field.

Teaching and Learning Professional Growth (Fall 2018 – onward)

Assessing and Celebrating Teaching and Student Learning (Simon Fraser University’s 17th Symposium on Teaching and Learning). May 16, 2019. Sessions attended: (1) Journaling: Expressions of Reflective Practice, (2) Teaching Philosophy Statements, (3) Creating a Classroom that Respects Students’ Needs.

Educational Developers Caucus Annual Conference. February 19-22, 2019 (online).

BC Campus Symposium: Scholarly teaching and learning in post-secondary education (October 24, 2018). Vancouver, BC.  (I also presented at the symposium)

(Ooops, I did not keep a good record of non-conference proD that I attended between 2017 and 2018! That is why the next page lists events prior to 2017…).

Teaching and Learning Professional Growth (prior to 2017)

For a list of teaching and learning related professional development activities I partook in prior to 2017, see here.


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