Educational Development Work

My Educational Development Work in the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

For two years, from April 2013-April 2015, I was seconded from CTLT to the Office of Education Support & Development (OESD) in the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Photo by rzkz. Licenced by Creative Commons

Being situated within this Faculty, in a field that is very different from my own (Education), was a terrific opportunity. As an educational developer, I grew a great deal. This section of my portfolio briefly describes some of my educational developer responsibilities at the OESD (April 2013-April 2015).


Program Planning and Policy Implementation: A large part of my work at the OESD involved working with existing policies to, ultimately, improve their implementation and impact on teaching and learning within the Faculty. For example:

Student Evaluations of Teaching: Beginning with a qualitative research study in the summer of 2013, this project evolved into a number of sub-projects which included, but were not limited to: (1) developing a process for a more effective administration and implementation of student evaluations of teaching and course evaluations; (2) working with CTLT to produce reports for tenure and promotion purposes and; (3) establishing a system of formative assessment of teaching.

Peer Review of Teaching: I took a lead in establishing a solid system for implementing the Faculty’s Peer Review of Teaching Policy. I worked with reviewers and candidates, as well as with the Associate Dean Academic, to manage the peer review process.

Strategic Planning: For several months, I took a lead in planning and facilitating the OESD’s collaborative strategic planning process. The process was halted in January 2015 and then changed directions (at which point, I was no longer involved).

Faculty Development Working Group (co-lead with Dr. Wayne Riggs, Associate Dean Academic): As part of the new Entry to Practice PharmD program which launches in September 2015, I worked with Dr. Riggs to develop a “Faculty Development Plan” that would help address the professional development needs of instructors and others as they transitioned from ‘traditional’ modes of teaching to an integrated curriculum.

Curriculum Retreat and Celebrate Learning Week (day-long events): In collaboration colleagues, I organized these events for the Faculty in 2013 and 2014.

Teaching Assistant Orientation and Training: I was involved with planning and implementing a TA training program for the OESD. The TA training consisted of various sessions (e.g., Connect, General Orientation, iPeer, Classroom technologies) that were offered to new and returning TAs. In addition to face-to-face sessions, the TA training program also included resources such as a 30-page guide and invigilation handbook.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: As a member of the OESD team, I was involved in supporting the Faculty’s SoTL initiatives such as a small-grants program and SoTL workshops.

Facilitation: When I began at the OESD, I facilitated a number of events and processes, including a portion of the 2013 Curriculum Retreat for the new Entry-to-Practice PharmD program, strategic planning sessions for the OESD, a historical scan and focused conversation for a cross-professionals collaboration group. I also co-facilitated two sessions for the existing PharmD students on providing effective feedback to their preceptors.




Photo credit: Photo by rzkz. Licenced by Creative Commons