UBC Broadcast E-mail: Update from the President on new RCMP information | Chinese Translation

On Tuesday Professor Toope sent out a message to the UBC community regarding new RCMP information related to the sexual assaults on the Vancouver campus. As safety is a top priority for UBC, and as more than 1/3rd of the student population at UBC Vancouver speak Cantonese or Mandarin, we wanted to ensure the full meaning of the message is understood and reaches all our students. Professor Toope’s message has been translated to Simplified Chinese (below). Please feel free to share this with students, faculty and staff who might benefit from the translation.





近日来校园内频频发生的性骚扰案件无疑令人不安,如果你有任何顾虑,需要与人沟通,请不要犹豫,尽管联系UBC, RCMP 或 AMS 的咨询服务,联系方式可以在以下网址找到。(http://www.ubc.ca/staysafe)






Stephen Toope

English is available about the cut.

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Working Draft v1.9.3 | Sixth Substantial Revision of Working Draft Available for Review

After an extensive review of Working Draft v1.9.2, by Faculty Subject Matter Experts, the UBC Executive and the Committee of Deans (January 2013) another substantial revision of the working draft of the intercultural understanding strategic plan was produced (v1.9.3), incorporating all the feedback received. It was first presented to the UBC community at the UBC Vancouver Senate in May 2013, and received very positive feedback from the Senators, President and Chancellor.

The Executive Summary and Working Draft of The Intercultural Promise, recently updated to v1.9.4 can be downloaded below:

Intercultural Understanding Exec Summary v1.9.4 – August 2013

Info sessions and presentations are being made all across the Vancouver campus. For more information or to arrange a presentation in your unit, please email Anna Wong at anna.wong@ubc.ca



Intercultural Understanding Mid-Level Startegic Plan | Place and Promise

Intercultural understanding is a one of the nine commitments in UBC’s strategic plan, Place and Promise: The UBC PlanSince December of 2010, UBC has been developing the mid-level strategic plan for this commitment:

The University engages in reflection and action to build intercultural aptitudes, create a strong sense of inclusion, and enrich our intellectual and social life.

More information about the actions and goals reflected in this commitment can be found at strategicplan.ubc.ca.

UBC Broadcast E-mail: Appointment of the Director, Intercultural Understanding Strategy Development (Vancouver Campus)

To: All Students, Faculty and Staff at the UBC Vancouver Campus

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Alden Habacon as Director, Intercultural Understanding Strategy Development (Vancouver).

Alden has been appointed for a two year term, starting December 1, 2010 to help develop and lead the early implementation of the University¹s commitment to intercultural understanding.  Building on Place and Promise:  The UBC Plan vision and values, he will engage students, staff, faculty and alumni to establish and articulate key actions on the intercultural understanding strategy for the Vancouver campus; and create and establish programs that empower others to promote intercultural understanding through their unique cultures and approaches.

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