20-min Overview of Mid-Level Plan (Video)

As promised to Heads and Directors, the working draft of The Intercultural Promise has been put into a 20-minute overview (video above). The Executive Summary and Final Draft of The Intercultural Promise, can be downloaded below:

Intercultural Understanding Exec Summary May 2014

We have completed the development of the plan, and are currently working on the creation of a website where much of the mid-level will live. Implementation is already underway in many units.

Info sessions and presentations are being made all across the Vancouver campus. For more information or to arrange a presentation in your unit, please email Anna Wong at anna.wong@ubc.ca


The Intercultural Promise:
Intercultural Understanding Strategic Plan (UBC Vancouver Campus)
Executive Summary
Prepared by Alden E. Habacon
Updated May 2014

The University’s commitment towards intercultural understanding is a response to a unique opportunity at UBC Vancouver (UBCV) to be a genuinely intercultural learning and work environment, contribute to the human wellbeing of the campus community, and fulfill the University’s social obligation towards intellectual diversity.

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Presentation to Parking & Access Control Services

As part of implementing the mid-level plan, I have put out an open invitation to present the plan to managers across the University. I gave a presentation to the managers of Parking & Access Control Services today, in their sparkling new office. This unit, of around 70 employees, is already very diverse.

As much as I hope attendees learn from and are inspired by my presentation, I also gain a lot from their feedback and questions. Here are the key ideas that came out of the presentation:

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Working Draft of ‘Intercultural Promise’ Presented to Board of Governors

The working draft of The Intercultural Promise v1.9.4, the intercultural understanding mid-level strategic plan, was presented to the UBC Board of Governors on November 19, 2013.

Above is the Prezi that was presented to the Board of Governors, followed by a question period (please be patient, as It might take some time to load).

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