Freiburg, Germany

(UBC TCs are placed by the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg)

This partner will host:

  • 0 secondary teacher candidates (May 17 – June 4, 2021)
  • 6 elementary teacher candidates (June 7 – 25, 2021)

(La Martena Pordego. Image courtesy of Wikimedia).

A) Website: 

Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg –

Freiburg on the map: Google maps link

B) Description of Community Partner:

The Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg was one of UBC’s first international CFE partners, and they have been hosting and placing UBC teacher candidates in Freiburg’s public and private school system since 2012. Usually, students are assigned to a school in or near Freiburg.  If the teacher candidate is assigned to a school outside of Freiburg, it will be within easy reach of rapid transit.

The UBC teacher candidate is usually placed in a grade and subject near the age group and subjects they taught in Canada. For the first few days, teacher candidates usually observe classes being taught, assist whenever possible, and get used to the rhythm and flow of the school.  By the middle to the end of the first week, teacher candidates are encouraged to try their hand at teaching lessons, and in the second week they should be teaching one or two (or more) lessons a day, or teaching what they and their hosts feel comfortable with.

Please NOTE: The first language taught in all elementary schools is French, there are very limited placements available for English only speaking TC’s, thus it is preferred that students with a good level of French apply. There are only two elementary schools that teach English at all.

Even if the teacher candidate is not an English, or English as a Second Language (ESL), major, like most international placements, the schools sees the UBC teacher candidate as a native speaker and will encourage the teacher candidate to speak, model and teach English to their students.  Thus teacher candidates are encouraged to pay particular attention to the language, literacy content and strategies taught in LLED 353/360 during their UBC BEd term 1.

PH Würfel – University of Education Freiburg
(Source: International Office of Freiburg University of Education)

C) Some potential CFE activities that teacher candidates may observe/teach/experience are:

  • Observe, assist and teach in a grade/subject areas similar to that taught in Canada.
  • Observe, assist and teach English and English as a Second Language.
  • Observe and assist other grades and subjects in the school.
  • Observe and assist with teacher specialists.
  • Observe and assist with field trips and after school activities.
  • Present an overview of Canada.

D) The partner’s larger community:

Stadtheater Freiburg
(Source: International Office of Freiburg University of Education)

Freiburg is a traditional university town that sits on the edge of the western edge of the back forest.  It is celebrated as the sunniest and warmest city in Germany and is nestled in the heart of the famous Baden wine growing region.  It has an extensive commuter system that many locals use regularly, and the city core is only open to pedestrians.  Wikipedia contains a good overview of the city of Freiburg, its history and what you might wish to do on the weekends.  Additionally, past teacher candidates have recommended the Freiburg-Home Guide as an unofficial but authoritative guide to Freiburg.

E) Required documents/vaccinations:

Please check the Government of Canada’s Travel Advisories webpage for Germany for required entry/exit documents. It is your responsibility to check with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germay in Ottawa or one of its consulates for up-to-date information. Common documents required to enter/exit Germany are:

  • Valid passport
  • Travel medical and dental insurance

Teacher candidates are required to review the vaccination requirements under the health notices tab on the Government of Canada’s Travel Advisories web page for Germany.

(Muensterplatz Kaufhaus . Image courtesy of Marsupilami04)

F) What will this partner provide teacher candidates?

Several weeks after the teacher candidate has been informed they have been accepted to do a CFE in Freiburg they are given the contact information for the coordinator in Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg. The teacher candidate contacts the coordinator, introduces themselves, and begins to express their accommodation preferences (e.g., homestay, bed and breakfast, hotel, hostel, or nothing [i.e., the teacher candidate has family in Freiburg]). The coordinator will then either suggest relevant accommodations or passing a safe and comfortable accommodation.

The Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg coordinator will also recommend modes of travel to/from the airport.

Note: Although not required or expected, home stays often arrange for weekend trips, include teacher candidates on their own weekend trips, and can suggest safe/engaging trips for the teacher candidate to take.

G) Estimated costs

  • Flight from Vancouver to the Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Euro Airport (Sep 2015): $1000.00- 1500.00 Canadian (CAD), return
  • Airport bus (24 EUR) one way from Basel-Mulhouse EuroAirport. This is the most convenient option here.
  • Train from Basel to Freiburg, return (Sep 2015): ~60.00 CAD (return, ~30.00 CAD one way). This option is the most complicated since one must first take a bus from the Euro Airport to Basel SBB (Swiss train station) for around 5 CHFR, then a train/tram to Basel Badischer Bahnhof (German train station in Basel) for another 3-4 CHFR and then finally a regional train for around ~€11  or the bullet train for around ~€20.
  • Flixbus from Basel SBB to Freiburg ~10-12 . Must be booked beforehand, definitely the cheapest option.
  • Homestay for 3 weeks: ~ € 350 (~525.00 CAD)  (includes food).  Note: Homestays are more difficult to find and may not be available.  Please ask if any are available.
  • Apartment for 3 weeks: ~ 1000  (Euros) for the three weeks (or € 500 each for two teacher candidates)
  • Please note, prices currently during the COVID-19 crisis do not reflect next years pricing and are subject to change (updated April 1, 2020).

H) Contact

Note! UBC teacher candidates must not contact any contacts for this partner until after you have been offered, and have accepted, this placement, and have been instructed by the CFE coordinator):

Dr. Verena Raissa Bodenbender
Leiterin des Akademischen Auslandsamts
Head of International Office
Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg
Kunzenweg 21
79117 Freiburg

Tel: +49 761 682-565
Fax: +49 761 682-98565



Please refer here for disclaimers which must be fully understood by each TC applying to this or any International CFE program.