You have a great idea and you are excited about it. It might necessarily not be as ground-breaking as the discovery of penicillin or smartphones but you are of the opinion it offers a unique and excellent solution to a constant problem you face. And you are so sure thousands of other people face this problem too. But there is a snag. You do not know what to do next. How do you turn this wonderful idea into reality? Where do you get funding? How do you patent your ideas? How do they finally hit the store shelves? All these questions and many more trickles through your mind and the sad thing is you do not have the answers. From getting excited about your wonderful innovation, you are now scared it might just go the way of many stunning ideas that never see the light of day. This little scenario is commonplace with many budding inventors.

Converting an idea into a noteworthy invention is never an easy task but it surely doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking and complicated. The key thing in turning ideas into inventions and exciting innovations is in finding the right connection. And that is exactly what InventHelp is all about – providing the right resources and connection needed for inventors to turn their ideas into life-changing innovations.

Over the last 30 years, InventHelp has been able to help hundreds of people in the US become successful inventors and entrepreneurs. Some of the success stories are:


Auburn, Alabama resident, and inventor, Richard Pike was inspired to create the Buck Tail Hair Trimmer after being repeatedly injured preparing fly fishing lures. He was interested in getting TyWheel, a fly fishing and fly tying gear manufacturer to see his invention. InventHelp’s Intromark was able to help him prepare his documents and also develop a 3D model prototype for the executives at TyWheel to review.

After finding the prototype model to be functional and efficient, a deal was struck between Mr. Pike and TyWheel representatives. Today, the TyWheel Trimmer is available for purchase on TyWheel.com. It allows users a more innovative way to trim/cut materials during the tying process of fly fishing. The TyWheel Trimmer features blade precision, giving the ability to hold a set curvature during the cutting process, which helps the user generate a more symmetrical group of flies. It also features blade security, which holds the blade securely in place, preventing the risk of the blade ejecting from the handle and keeping the blade away from your fingertips.


Originally called the Third Hand, this smart invention by Marcele Villeneuve keeps the toilet seat up making it easier to clean a toilet bowl. It also prevents messy accidents, saves the cost of having to change your toilet seat and assists men while using the restroom.

InventHelp was able to help Mr. Villeneuve receive a patent for his product. He provided InventHelp with an inventory of his product and the Toilet Seat Holder is now available for purchase on the InventHelp Store and on Amazon. It is currently the best-selling product on the InventHelp store. So next time you find it hard in keeping the toilet seat up, remember all you need is just a simple invention from Marcele Villeneuve called the Toilet seat holder.


We all have had the experience of having dust fall onto the floor and furniture when cleaning ceiling fan blades. The FanBlade Cleaner provides an easy solution to this problem. Developed by Brian O’Neil, the FanBlade Cleaner helps homeowners in cleaning their ceiling fan simply by slipping it on and off the fan blades. Made of plush polyester/polyamide microfiber, and designed like a sack with an elasticized top, the FanBlade Cleaner captures dust so easily, making sure there is no mess. Intromark Incorporated, InventHelp’s sister licensing company, was able to get the FanBlade Cleaner added to the product listing in the largest mail order catalog company in the world, Starcrest Products of California. The FanBlade Cleaner is also available on Amazon and is consistently one of the best-selling InventHelp products on the site.


Tired of having to spend more time fixing the jamming head on his weed trimmer than he did working in his garden, Henry Bessinger, a retired businessman invented the Weed Thrasher. Mr. Bessinger came up with the idea for an all-metal accessory with cutters to replace the nylon line in the head of a weed trimmer. The accessory could fit easily onto most gas-powered trimmers, and would virtually eliminate jamming.

InventHelp prepared materials defining the Weed Thrasher’s important features and benefits and submitted the invention to different companies. It instantly caught the attention of CRT Products, a company which specializes in “As Seen on TV” infomercials. After negotiations between Bessinger and CRT Products, A licensing agreement was finalized and CRT created an infomercial featuring the Weed Thrasher. The infomercial aired on popular cable channels like ESPN, CNN, and The Weather Channel and yielded a good response. Eventually, the Weed Thrasher was sold in top retail outlets like Wal-Mart and Home Depot.


If there was a problem all plumbers and home handymen had to face while doing toilet installations before the invention of the Twist-N-Set, it was to install traditional over-the-pipe flange around the waste line. After having to cut away bathroom flooring to enlarge the hole for 15 different toilet flanges in a day, Greg Sesser and his partner, Mike Johnson had to find a better solution. They came up with a concept for a flange that would go inside the pipe and seal it with a tapered thread inside a threaded expansion gasket. They called their invention the E-Z Set Herkle Ring.

Sesser and Johnson took their ideas to InventHelp and soon had it patented. InventHelp submitted their invention to different companies, one of which was Oatey Company, a leading manufacturer of plumbing fittings and supplies. After some extensive review and rigorous testing of the product prototype, Oatey decided to commercialize the E-Z Set Herkle Ring and get exclusive rights to the concept. A license agreement was successfully negotiated by InventHelp’s sister licensing company, Intromark. The E-Z Set Herkle Ring was then renamed the Twist-N-Set by Oatey and introduced to the marketplace.

Today, the Twist-N-Set has found consumer acceptance and is available in retail and wholesale distribution centers nationwide including Home Depot and Ace Hardware stores.


There are many other inventions InventHelp has helped see the light of day. Many of these inventions are by people who have either decided to find a unique solution to a constant problem or work on the inefficiencies of already existing products. It is also worthy of note that some of these inventions have resulted in financial gains for their inventors.

It is time you turn that idea into reality. To get in touch with InventHelp, please visit InventHelp.com or call 1-800-INVENTION.