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BC Hydro, a Canadian crown corporate, has been opposed by a delegation of B.C. First Nation chiefs about building a $8 million-dollar Site C hydroelectric megaproject. Such a great project is now caught in a dilemma between B.C.’s need of electricity and first nation people’s activities.


However, the standoff can be broken by an alternative project provided by another independent power producer, Clean Energy BC(the news article), who declared have been building a more cost-effective electricity, which is said to be cheaper but no less powerful than Site C. And it is more likely that government will approve the project of Clean Energy BC rather than that of BC Hydro.


Clean Energy BC took the advantage of the controversial project and the opposition from the B.C. First Nation people, a special large group whose voiced must be listened by the government. Meanwhile, It was also a great opportunity for a private-power sector to beat the Canadian crown corporate,since under normal situation the indepent power producer is far less powerful than the government-owned corporation. In addition, the government indicated to have a decision about the project before the end of 2014, so Clean Energy BC definitely used the limited time for government to make a decision and must have a good communication group to engage the government with up-to-date information and its advantages over BC Hydro.




picture is from the news article.

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