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First of all, social enterprise is not targeting at earning profit but at environmental and human well-being. So this means social enterprise not only requires enough funds but also needs strong social responsibility.


Even if the UN are funded enough and it can afford all the events beneficial to the society, the value it creates, in my opinion, is less than the value created by some social enterprises. For one thing, UN is supposed to benefit the society while social enterprises volunteer to do so. For another, during this procedure, the social entrepreneurs create social value, for example, by creating job opportunities to local people and decrease the unemployment rate, and they realizes his/her individual ambition and runs way from the tiring job without creativity like what Ms. Tesfaye did. However,the UN doesn’t create individual value.


Also, from what Arielle Uwonkunda mentioned (Non-profits that have donated money to Rwanda following the war but didn’t make a lasting impact) we can see that, many local entrepreneurs do not have enough knowledge to run a business well, which is more important than those start-up money for them. So such workshops and lessons provided by Arc are necessary for these local entrepreneurs.



Information provided in Class 20 Prep.

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