Bridgitte Taylor

 Hey there! My name’s Bridgitte and I’m entering my 5th and final year of my international relations degree, with an emphasis on political sciences. While this year I am privileged enough to serve as IRSA’s president, my university experience was not always as involved. Like many others, trying to find the balance between academics, commuting and self care during my first few years at UBC, was incredibly difficult. I was unsure of what to make of my degree and was unaware of the opportunities that surrounded me. Then, third year came around – the year I found community on campus through extracurriculars and my  peers. I began to feel more fit to seize the opportunities that surrounded me. Since then, I have been privileged enough to have some amazing experiences, such as working for UBC’s Go Global exchange program, presenting at a UN anti-nuclear weapons conference in Vienna, and representing Canadian students on a delegation to Japan. As this years IRSA president, I want to provide support to students interested in IR through creating an inclusive and supportive community that can be a resource for students from the moment they enter their degree, until they go on to be UBC alumni. IRSA is a great mode for doing so and I hope to see new and returning faces involved in our unique and diverse student community!



VP InternalVice-President Internal

Camile Claros 

 Hello everyone! My name is Camile Claros, and I am a third year student majoring in International Relations. This year, my goal as the Vice President Internal of IRSA is to plan more events for members, and to build a tighter IR community. I picked IR because it seemed like the most holistic program as it includes Econ, Poli Sci, Geo and History. Because of such diversity, there are so many interesting classes that you can take that can be on the same topic, but still provide a completely different side of the issue. I think it is important to take courses that you are genuinely interested in, and IR will certainly give you enough courses to pick from. Honestly, I am not sure what I want to do with my degree after university, but having an IR degree can help me travel and work abroad in the future if I decide to do so. One thing that I have found so far as the best way to hear about new opportunities is to start networking, especially in university. Many people are involved in really cool things, but the only way to learn more about them is through networking and talking. Being a part of IRSA gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people and to get more involved around campus in a more meaningful way, and I am excited to do more of that this upcoming year!



VP AdminVice-President Administration

Yakov Medvedev

Hello everyone! My name is Jacob Medvedev and I am this year’s’ Vice President Administration. I will be in charge of the IRSA Gazette and work with my IRSA colleagues to organize events throughout the year. I am entering my fourth year at UBC and am looking forward to completing my International Relations degree later this Spring. I am interested in diverse subject areas ranging from languages to studies of globalization. I hope to attend law school upon the completion of my undergraduate degree. I am excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to compiling a productive and engaging program for my IR peers with the help of the IRSA team.


unnamedVice-President Finance

Shrish Srivastava

This year I hope to help IRSA retain its title as the best Students club at the University of British Columbia. I hope to accomplish this by making it a financially sound year for the club. I am a final year student doing a major in International Relations and a minor in Political Science. I chose IR and Political Science because I firmly believe that this field provides me with the best chances to better the lives of the people, who deserve much more than they actually get. IR will give me the opportunity to derive policies and Political Science should give me an upper-hand at actually holding offices to deliver these policies. IR is an interdisciplinary field which provides its students with the flexibility to study what they are actually interested in. From studying the Women in French Revolution to the US foreign policy in Madagascar Island and how it affects our current world, IR offers a large spectrum of choices. I hope to further my education at a Masters level where I would like to study development in Africa and Nuclear security in Asia and take up a career in either of the two fields.  



Grad RepGraduate Representative

Camille McDayter

My name is Camille McDayter and I’m this year’s Graduate Representative for IRSA. As the Grad Rep I’m primarily responsible for coordinating and disseminating information about graduation photos for IR majors and other graduation related events. I’m going into my final year at UBC as an International Relations major and History minor. I decided to major in IR because I wanted a degree that was both interdisciplinary and challenging. With this major I’ve been able to take a great variety of engaging courses and delve into both familiar and unfamiliar subjects. For a long time I was thinking of going into aid evaluation with my IR degree, which would essentially constitute investigating whether or not various aid programs are actually making an impact and helping those they were intended to. But in the last year I’ve reconsidered this and have decided to take a different path. After graduation I’d like to go into a masters program for museum studies, which will bring together my love for both history and international relations.



PR CordinatorPublic Relations Coordinator

Michaela David 

This year, I am part of the Public Relations team which is in charge of promoting IRSA events.
3. I will be majoring in Political Science, with a minor in International Relations.
4. I chose to study these areas because I’ve always believed politics controlled how the world works. Politics is involved in almost every aspect of our life, such as our jobs and even our food, and many of us are unaware of that fact. Therefore… 5. My goals within studying these areas are to bring awareness to the control politics has in our lives. This makes us people look towards our governments and the political systems we have if we want to bring a good change in our lives. For example, Bob and Steve both complain at how food industries produce too much sweet junk food. If I make Bob and Steve aware that the government (hypothetically) subsidizes sugar farmers and therefore gain $$$ from them from all the junk food, Bob and Steve will turn to blame the government, not the sugar industries, for all the junk food. Like the popular quote goes, “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” 

PR OfficerPublic Relations Officer

Charlotte Dai 

I am a fourth-year International Relations student, my job in IRSA will focus on using social media platform and shooting photos, to promote and let more people know about IRSA and the IR major. I chose IR as my major because I am a politics lover, a diversity embracer, and a strategic thinker. International Relations is a diverse major that allows me to enjoy my life while I am learning the things I like. I enjoy politics and history, because they teach you to embrace different values and thoughts, to have a fair and just mind towards any social occurrence. The International Relations Students Association allows me to connect with more interesting people and communicate with a wide variety of professionals.  I have and will keep learning valuable experiences from different speakers from our events and the relationships I build with teammates will help achieve the goals of my university life as well.


PR OfficerPublic Relations Officer

Eliot Escalona 

Hello UBC, I am Eliot Escalona and one of the Public Relations Officers for IRSA this year. During my time at IRSA, I will be maintaining this website and managing social media campaigns to make sure you’re all in the know about the events we put on. Currently, I am going into my 4th year at UBC as a Political Science and International Relations Honour student. I decided to study Political Science and International relations because in my eyes, it is the degree that prepares you best for life by giving you a wide variety of valuable transferable skills. With IR and Poli you learn to analyze the problems of today, you learn to communicate your ideas concisely and best of all, you actually learn about the dynamic world you are part of. After completing my Honours in Poli and IR I hope to pursue a career in foreign public policy. In a time where the geopolitical climate is such that globalization is being challenged and regressing, I want to play a role in ensuring that Canadian foreign policy reflects and champions globalization and international cooperation.

unnamedGala Coordinator

Natalie Doust 

This year I will be responsible for planning and executing this years Winter Gala. I am in my fourth year, majoring in International Relations and minoring in Law and Society. Throughout my life my family and I have hosted international students from all around the world, which acted as a catalyst for my interest in international relations. Therefore, this specialization caught my eye right from the beginning! I truly enjoy the interdisciplinary structure of the program since it allows me to take a diverse array of courses and customize my degree to my interests.  I hope to make the make the most out my UBC experience by taking on new opportunities, such as joining IRSA.  Afterwards, I aspire to attend law school or pursue a master’s degree in the near future, and hope to specialize in international, human rights. These desires stem from my passion for and enjoyment from helping others, often in the form of philanthropic and non-profit efforts aimed at addressing poverty eradication, empowerment of women and immigration.  

unnamedAlumni Liaison

Rohina Dass  

I am Rohina Dass the 2016-17 Alumni Liaison for IRSA and I am going into my third year (first year of IR officially). In my role I am looking forward to designing new ways to connect and build an IR community and about creating opportunities for information exchanges between alumni and students (both being knowledge bases). I chose to major in IR because of its multidisciplinary and innovative nature that gives me the freedom to learn about the world and its connections through different lenses. Also it allows me to interact with people who are driven and excited about solving the world’s problems in their own way. Every IR class makes me appreciate the different networks that connect individuals to societies and how we understand problems, take responsibility and approach solutions collectively.  I spent my first two years meeting requirements (keener) so I now plan to spend my third and fourth year exploring topics and specific research around sustainable development and conflict studies. Beyond that I really want to see how I can combine my love for design and behavioural economics with IR. I don’t have a specific profession in mind, but I know I want to work in the field of development leveraging my IR and Economics degree.



unnamedGlobal Lounge Officer

Mana Saza 

Hello everyone, my name is Mana Saza and I will be the International Relations Student Association (IRSA) Global Lounge Officer starting from this year! As a liaison for IRSA and the Global Lounge, I will be taking on the role of aiding students of varying backgrounds to further engage in raising global issues awarenesses to expand global citizenship. The Global Lounge hosts various events and is always open for those interested in using the space! Currently I am a third year majoring in Human Geography with a concentration in Urban Studies and minoring in Asian Area Studies. Although I am a Human Geography major, I have always held interest in IR and found this club to be a great opportunity to educate and engage myself with IR related subjects! Post undergraduate in Human Geography, I am planning on learning more in-depth on Urban Design for my Master’s degree. In which I will have a more hands-on experience as to how to develop cities that are sustainable and cultivate local culture instead of adopting dominant global city plans. Lately, I enjoy traveling, cuddling with animals (especially fluffy ones and horses), trying out new delicious ethnic food and walking in heavy rain (haha)! If you have any questions or would like to simply chat with me, feel free to stop-by the Global Lounge!  


Social Coordinator

Robert Duckworth  

Hi there! I’m Robert Duckworth, IRSA’s Social Coordinator for this year. In this role I will oversee the organisation and execution of different social events for IR majors and student members of our club. I am a fourth year International Relations major, with a minor in Law & Society. This year will be my last at UBC and I want to make it a memorable one with IRSA. I have long thought that whilst IR majors sit in the same classes, we are often disconnected as a community. This year, myself and the rest of the exec team aim to bridge this gap, bringing us closer together by fighting the war on fun! However, we’ll need you’re help to do this. Please get as involved within the community as you like. I can assure you that your university experience will be better-off for it! I chose to study IR due to the broad range of topics covered within the curriculum – picking it meant I didn’t have to focus on one single discipline. The multidisciplinary approach offered in the program is something I enjoy and appreciate. Following my graduation in May 2017, I am yet to decide how I will apply my IR background, but I am confident that whatever comes next I am more aware of how our world functions and the challenges it faces. An MBA or a trip to law school may be on the horizon – I’ll keep you posted!  Myself and the executive team are always open to new ideas. Contact me at the following address if you have something you would like to see hosted by IRSA, or simply want to chat: irsasocialcoordinator@gmail.com 


Alumni Liason

Julianne Nyasulu   

My name is Julianne and I’m the 2016-2017 Alumni Liaison for IRSA so I will be managing correspondence with IR alumni as well as coordinating affairs and events under alumni-related responsibilities. I joined IRSA because of my interest in global issues and the opportunity to discuss these issues with like-minded individuals. I am in my fourth and final year, majoring in International Relations and minoring in Gender Race Sexuality and Social Justice. I love IR classes because of the diversity of subjects you are able to take and the well-rounded knowledge you graduate with. After my undergrad I plan on doing a Masters in Development. My professional interests are geared towards work in development, particularly in the sub-Saharan region of Africa, to work towards goals of socio-economic development. My aspirations go hand-in hand with tackling issues of social justice and gender inequality that are still stark on the continent.

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