Welcoming Message from FNSSA

When I initially heard that the First Nations Studies Student Association was planning on launching an undergrad journal and blog, my mind immediately became awash with the prospective essays that had been lurking in my subconscious, waiting for the perfect publication venue to present itself. Aboriginal self-representation in new media. Indigenous semiotics. A treatise on the relationship between Cree males and cream ales. In that moment, I must have been a true intellectual.

Shortly after the first of many journal meetings, I came to the (somewhat dismal) realization that my entry into the greater world of academic discourse would likely be delayed by the process of learning how to make an academic journal. Over the course of many weeks, we met many times, trying to figure out what it means to create and to run an Indigenous Studies undergraduate journal. We met amongst ourselves, with other undergrad journal teams, with our program Chair, gradually building protocols, ethics, and logistical coherence. At some point during this process, I made a second realization; that the journal and blog had become safe spaces in which serious Indigenous voices and topics could be heard and discussed freely. And neither of them even existed yet.

So that was pretty neat. It was a small insight into an experience and community that will only continue to improve as we learn along the way. It has been my privilege to be involved thus far; I hope to share that privilege with many others as we continue on.


Josh Kioke, FNSSA Treasurer