Bake Sale!

We ran a bake sale at the Sarah Ellis colloquium on the 26th of February in the Dodson Room of the IBLC building to fundraise for the conference. The response was amazing and we met a lot of people who encouraged us and wished us luck with the conference. Thank you Kathleen (and her partner), Bonnie, Janet, Megan and Chris for baking some deelish goodies. Thanks Kathie for the amazing decorations and Judi for giving us the chance to do a bake sale. Thank you also to Yash for the awesome pictures you have taken (and which the world will be seeing following this)!

Kathie’s personalized decoration


More of Kathie’s amazing work!

Kathleen’s partner deserves an award for these cupcakes. They were delicious.


Credit goes to Kathie Shoemaker.


Chris and I cheesing it up for Yash.

An awesome picture of Chris, one of the co-chairs!