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Dine Out Vancouver 2011

On the last day of this year’s Dine Out Vancouver, I went to have dinner at a restaurant in downtown with a few friends of mine.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Dine Out Vancouver is a yearly promotional period ┬áin Vancouver featuring more than 200 restaurants throughout the city to serve a 3-course dinner to customers at prices that are much less than the original prices – it provides food lovers a chance to enjoy a good quality meal for prices of either $18, $28, or $38, which are very good deals. This year is already its 9th year, proving its success over the last few years.

Even though restaurants would be charging a much less price than normal, increasing business is in fact one of the major benefits for the participation in this event. New customers would be attracted and would be more willing to try out new restaurants. If they are satisfied with the service and the food quality, the restaurants might be able to turn them into regular customers, which would greatly benefit them in the long term. Also, participating restaurants would receive marketing and PR from the Dine Out Vancouver management team that allows them to carry out marketing campaign on radio, television, internet etc., which increases the visibility and popularity of the restaurants in turns.

Marketing is all about entailing an exchange that benefits both the seller and the buyer and Dine Out Vancouver has successfully helped achieve this – restaurants are better off by being profitable in the long run, and consumers are better off by having meals of great value. I am really looking forward to next year’s Dine Out!!

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:O oysters!!!!!!!!!!!

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