Tobacco Price Up Through the Air in South Korea

Most of the Asian countries today are criticized for significantly low tobacco price. The tobacco cost between $2 to $3 in South Korea, which is an affordable price for all population. After observing alarming consequences of low tobacco price, the Korean government decided to declare a war against on tobacco. They would push to almost double the price, and eliminate all tobacco-related advertisements by January. The proposed plan, however, would face many oppositions not only from tobacco company, but also from the convenient stores, in which their sales are largely depended on cigarette. Then, is it acceptable to sacrifice the economic gain for those businesses to pass this proposal? Does it worth it? My answer to this question is: yes, it does. The improvement of population’s health condition from reduced smoking rate is an obvious, yet a huge benefit. There can be other indirect benefits as well: if less people suffer from health issue such as lung cancer, more employees would be available, and more capitals would be spent into economy instead of health care services and cigarettes. This would bring positive influence to country’s economy as a whole, thus I strongly support the government’s smart decision.



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