First Nations and Oil Industry in Alberta

alberta oil sands

The oil industry that allowed massive industrial development in Alberta is now facing an obstacle. The provincial government’s policies regarding the energy development had led controversial issues with First Nations in the region. First Nations have extraordinary connection with nature, and the nature means a lot different to them compare to what the oil companies are thinking. For them, developing nature into an industrial zone is a culturally and spiritually immoral action, and therefore, the concerns and criticism towards the energy development plan by government is rising these days.

Oil industry is definitely the fastest and largest industry developing in Alberta, and it is an enormous business opportunity for many companies. Nevertheless, is it tolerable that one side is earning a large amount of profits from business, while the other side is losing their livelihood that had been preserved from their ancestors? Obviously, it is not fair for the First Nations, and the provincial government must provide more reasonable incentives, such that both sides can be equally satisfied and benefited from the industry.




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