Epistemological Reflection and Teaching and Learning for the Heart

I believe in my work on Teaching and Learning for the Heart and Mind. I follow my heart, but have been looking for mindful rational to support my heart.

I found mindful explanation of my heart after reading:

Them, J. 2012. Contemplative Pedagogy. The National Teaching and Learning FORUM. 21(3), 1-6. <http://www.ntlf.com/html/ti/v21n3comp.pdf>

Baxter Magolda, M.B. 2004. Evolution of a Constructivist Conceptualization of Epistemological Reflection. Educational Psychologist, 39(10), 31-42. <http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1207/s15326985ep3901_4>

Baxter Magaolda describes that self-awareness is central to knowledge construction. One must identify self before welcoming and sharing authority and expertise during knowledge construction.

Self and intrapersonal understanding is essential in learning.

Rhem describes contemplative pedagogy as a mean to teach the whole student, guide him or her in an awareness of the interior work of thought, feeling, values and insight. Contemplative pedagogy is a tool to lead students to internal discovery just like Clickers and Team-based Learning are techniques for students to discover the power of cooperation, difference, and social milieu.

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