Comment on Canada’s business network: How social media can be used by social enterprises

I agree that social media is a strong and useful channel for business people to communicate, identify needs and discover new resources or innovations. However, after reading a blog post from Canada business network about how social media can have great impact on social enterprise’s performance, I am now acknowledged that social media is crucial platform for social enterprise to build the ties between company and community. In Comm 101 class, we have learned that social enterprises organizations generates income by selling goods and service that creates a social, environmental or cultural benefit to our society. Therefore, social media is an important tool for company to expand their consumer base. First of all, social media is able to promote company’s mission in the low cost manners (since many social networking sites are free) so people can post the detail updates frequently. In addition, social media is able to broaden company’s partners and channel. For example, it can help make reach partners and recruiting volunteer who are willingly to be part of conversation. However, the author also points out that the company need to keep consumer preferences in mind because different audiences may require a variety of approaches. Thus, the company’s marketing strategy should be more dimensional,not just solely be on social media advertising.


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