Comment on Melody Lin’s blog:Lululemon founder Chip Wilson says pants ‘don’t work’ for some bodies

This post caught my eyes immediately because we have discussed Lululemon’s value proposition in class. We have brainstormed about how Lululemon can create share value by being socially responsible and generating total profit at the same time. However,It was shocking to hear an athletic brand founder Chip Wilson made a controversial statement about their company’s pants just don’t work on some body types. In my opinion, this comment is clearly a discrimination at women who are plus-sized. Although the debate has split into two sides, with one being unaffected and take a comment easily, I found this news really rude and offended. Comparing to other company’s advertisement like Nike who use obesity as an inspiring, positive figure to promote their product, Wilson’s comment is narrow minded and greatly contradicts the company’s goal for people to have fun, healthy lifestyle. It is not ethical at all for the founder of the company to be implying that their products shouldn’t be worn by plus-size women. It really attack firm’s potential consumer base as many plus size women usually wants to lose weight by doing yoga. Lululemon have already battered from  its see through pants controversy earlier this year, this simple comment will definitely ruin company’s image even more.As a result, the company is expecting lower earning and less revenue this year.

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