Thermocouple temperature emf converter (Type C thermocouple included) [Python subroutine]

Type C thermocouple is “weird”! Not many people use it and most emf2T converters available online do not include it. Moreover, I cannot find a standard polynomial expression to translate emf to T or vice verse.

The following python subroutine is able to make it. It is originally a copy from internet (Copyright (c) 2011, 2012 University of Toronto). I compensate type J, type T and type C into it. Input could be either a value or a list (array), which is useful for batch processing.


As I didn’t find standard coefficients for type C online, a 10 degree polynomial is used to fit the type C’s reference table, from which the parameters for type C in this subroutine are gotten.

See code at:



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