Getting Ready for a Virtual Reality Training Simulation Project

First of all, yah!! Why? Because I get to work on a Virtual Reality training simulation project. What could get better than this?

Super excited as this is totally the area I want to explore: learning design with cutting-edge technology. Having the experience working directly with doctors to design next-generation learning experience is going to be extremely valuable too.

Plus the team I am with looks awesome! We are starting to build the team and figure out who would fit what role(s) within Agile/Scrum method.

So let the learning journey commence! Here are the resources I am gathering through my team to get ready for the project:

Sprint Books

VR Learning Resources

CPR Content

American Heart Association

CPR & AED at School Part 1

CPR & AED at School Part 2

Existing VR Training Demonstration

VR – Realistic Immersive Storytelling

VR – First Aid Training with Dummy

VR – Virtual CPR Training

VR – High Voltage Switching Training

VR – Mining

VR – Oil and Gas Training

VR – Process, Energy, Naval

VR – Oil Platform

VR – Safety Training (Height)

VR – Orthopedics

VR – Crane Operation

Existing VR Companies

(More learning resources to be added as the project goes.)

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