Kalim Bahbahani

Research Interests

Currently my research focuses on winter climate at ski resorts in western North America. What factors influence climate at ski resorts currently, and in the past. How will climate change alter the spatial and temporal distribution of winter climate at these resorts.

Using ClimateBC and ClimateWNA to create high quality climate projections, for both historical analysis, and future projections. Taking this raw data and performing statistics to infer what climate has actually been over the 20th century, and how it is projected to change into the future.

Mapping the results in ArcGIS to identify spatial patterns in the data. Using ArcGIS to creates excellent visuals which are easily interpreted and clearly convey meaning to any audience.



Twenty-nine year old Kelowna native. Interests focus around outdoor activities; snowboarding, and going on hikes with my dogs. Hobbyist miner and geology geek. Picked up my Free Miners Certificate this spring, with the hopes of buying a claim with a friend who is also interested in gemology, and of course, the prospect of striking it rich.

I am a car and motorcycle enthusiast. Own a 1971 Ford Thunderbird in great condition, and a 1991 Harley Davidson FXR motorcycle.




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