The surgical procedure of removal of the excess tissue from the genital area, specifically,from the labia is known as Labiaplasty. The procedure changes the shape and size of labia and makes it smaller by correcting the asymmetry between them. The procedure takes around an hour and is performed under effect of anesthesia. The excess tissue is removed and the muscles are re-positioned and tightened. The lining of the labia is then stitched with dis solvable stitches which heals their own without any visible scarring. With labiaplasty, you can get immediate results and your vaginal canal is noticeably narrower and tightened. You can wear your swimsuits without any embarrassment. Click here to see the results after Labiaplasty /p>

Before The Surgery

The process of labiaplasty begins with your consultation with the doctor. It is necessary to discuss your expectations with your doctor freely, as unrealistic expectations may lead to disappointment later on. Also, you will be asked to undergo certain tests like blood tests to ensure that you are in a good condition to undergo the procedure

The need of labiaplasty occurs when the labia loosens after child birth or due to other reasons. The patient start experiencing loss of sexual sensation or urological problems after loosening of the labia.


During The surgery

“The Labiaplasty surgery will take anywhere between 60-90 minutes, depending upon the extent of the surgery“, says Dr. Kohout from Sydney. Incisions will be made to remove the unwanted and excess tissue and the loose part is stitched with fine and dissolvable stitches. The procedure is carried out under the effect of local anesthesia or general anesthesia with sedation. Once the surgery is done, antibiotic ointment is applied to the sutures to start the healing process.

After The surgery – Labiaplasty

Dressings and bandages are applied outside as soon as the surgery is over. Bed rest is normally recommended for few days and walking may be avoided for starting days. The normal activity can be resumed after a week but sexual activity should be resumed after doctor’s recommendations and when he feels your body ready for it. You can experience bruising, itching and swelling in the recipient area which is normal and will be provided with medication to get relief from it. You will be advised not to wear tight clothes to avoid any irritation and lifting heavy objects for few weeks. Regular follow up with the doctor is required to ensure proper recovery.


Possible risks involved in the surgery

Every surgery possesses some complications and labiaplasty is no different, though the complications are not serious one. Your surgeon will have discussed the possible complications with you during your consultation. Complications may include excessive bleeding during or after the surgery, development of clotting that needs to be removed, scarring, chronic pain, asymmetry and reopening of the wounds.


Recovery after Labiaplasty

Full recovery may take several months after labiaplasty. The recovery period will depend upon the extent of the procedure and the rigorous follow up of the following post-op instructions.
• Avoid any physical strain as prolonged rest is recommended.
Clean the wounds regularly according to doctor’s instructions.
• Use ice to reduce pain and swelling as per doctor‘s instructions.
• Complete your antibiotic course and do not try to avoid any dose of medication.
• Avoid wearing tight clothes and inner-wears as it can irritate the wound.

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