Access Virtual Labs

Before You Use
  • Lab computers are limited, be sure to try downloading the software you require to your personal devices before trying to connect to a Lab computer. For a list of readily available software for student download, check here
  • Do note, that the number of computers in a lab are limited, and that logging in is on a first come first serve basis. If you are unable to login due to the volume of users, please be patient and check back later when some of your peers may have logged off.
  • When using specialized labs or non-Public Workstations, be aware of your lab times, and only login during your scheduled sessions.

Logging In
  1. To connect to a Public Workstation, please use this link
    To connect to specialized labs, use the sites provided to you by your course instructor or department.
    You may wish to bookmark these links for future uses
  2. Login in with your Campus Wide Login, followed by .stu

  3. Labs Step 2

  4. Select the Computer Lab you would like to access. (Note you will only be given access to the labs associated with your courses or department)

  5. Labs step 3

  6. Click Connect on an available Computer. If a computer is Online, the power symbol will be Green, and a “connect” button will appear on the right

  7. Labs Step 4

  8. Read through the Usage Information and be sure you understand the conditions. Below is an example of what this paragraph may look like

  9. Labs Step 5

  10. Login using your CWL or the Login Credentials provided to you by the Lab Administrator

  11. Lab Step 6

  • The Remote Connections only support the following Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera
  • The remote connection will automatically time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. To prevent logging off, the system will need to identify active keystrokes and mouse movements. Do note, the remote labs are in your browser window and will only be able to identify activities within its own window, never anything in another tab or exterior software
  • Be sure to save your work using Microsoft OneDrive instead of using the Remote Labs’ hard drive. One Drive will allow you to securely store and access your files from any device. To use MS OneDrive, go to To login, use your UBC email. (EX.

Logging Off
  1. Do not Close the browser window. if you do, you will only be logged off when the system time outs from inactivity. There are only a limited number of lab computers, and other users will be forced to wait another 30 minutes for this
  2. To Log off properly, click on the Windows Button in the bottom left corner. You will notice that the power symbol does have any option. To log off, you must click on your profile, by default this should be an abstract person

  3. Labs Step 7

    Labs Step 7.5

Further Readings

For further readings about virtual labs, please check here