Exciting Events Past, Present, and Future at SLAIS

We hope some of you made it to LASSA’s two recent events: the Welcome Back Potluck last Friday and the first of many Board Games afternoons at SLAIS. Check out SLAIS students having so much nerdy fun!

students playing board gamesKeep a lookout for more info about lots of other events coming up. The next Board Games afternoon is on Thursday, September 21st, at 12:00 p.m (meet in the lounge!).

We are also planning a follow up event to last year’s super successful Stormcrow Toonie Pub Night. How it works: show up to the Stormcrow pub (Broadway location), get food and/or drinks, meet people outside your cohort, play board games, chat, have fun, get a toonie from LASSA to put towards your bill! This event is slated for Friday, October 6th.

We are also in the depths of planning the annual Halloween Party, which will be happening on campus Saturday, October 28th. Start planning your (not culturally appropriative) costume now! We are also looking for anyone in the student body who has a Serving It Right certification to serve alcohol during the Halloween Party. You would NOT have to commit to serving the whole night. Let us know at lassa.ubc@gmail.com if you are interested.

addams-family-values standing in front of fireplace

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