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Hello all!

My name is Jessica Traynor, a fourth year undergraduate in my first year of GRS (going for a couple victory laps..). My region of study is Latin America and my interest is in nutrition and food politics.

It was a long journey for me to end up where I am today. I first was interested solely in nutrition as a result of attending high school in Houston Texas, a frequent filler of the number one spot for the fattest city in America. I continuously saw people obsessing over the latest fad-diets and I simply wanted to know what the human body required to function its best.

Upon my return to Canada, I was enrolled in the dietetics program at the University of Guelph in Ontario. However, as interested as I was in my studies, I felt that I was involved in a narrow scientific approach of nutrition while there were so many related topics that were being left undiscovered.

A year later, I transferred to UBC and enrolled in the FNH program, doubting my commitment to becoming a dietition while there were so many other subjects I was becoming interested in. By the time I reached AgSc 250, my beliefs were reinforced that nutrition is not a subject that could be studied alone. Furthermore, my former interests in issues such as childhood obesity were toned down by the sad truth that while our society suffers from over-indulgence, a large percentage of the rest of the world is starving to death largely due to faults of the first world.

The more I studied, the more I wanted to commit my life to work in the third world. I have had opportunities to study, travel and work abroad and thoroughly enjoyed learning about new cultures. So, naturally, GRS was able to provide an outlet for me to study what and how I want.

I am excited for this year, and look forward to meeting everyone!



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