Believing in fanaticism.

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Hi again, I would like to start this post by saying that I found amazing Eva Peron’s “My Message” It’s amazing how with her deeply sincere words she can transfer all the emotion and sentiment that she is feeling when she is writing. The purpose of these two readings is to define the word people, but I think that the real purpose of these articles is learning to differ between people and masses. In the dictionary you can find these two concepts and find similar definitions that’s why getting confused is really easy. During my education in Mexico I was being taught that the masses are multiple singularities that can’t be represented, but the people is a legitimated entity that represents a wholesome a culture, a country, a tradition indispensable for the development of the state. When Eva Peron mentions “her people” she is talking about certain kind of people, those who represent a fraction of a wholesome of a nation, although the other people are envious, mediocre, and not worthy they will always be part of the people of the Argentinean Nation. Throughout my reading I realized that even though this happened more than fifty years ago, things in many countries are still the same. The good thing is that while we still have this kind of spectacular people willing to speak up loud and scream the necessities of the society in order to achieve the common good, we will have hope of changing and reaching this idealistic but not impossible dream of Evita;  that the government this people, invested with so much power really be in service of the people this legitimated entity that represents the whole country. So in order to achieve this we have to believe in what she said: “One cannot accomplish anything without fanaticism”, be fanatic of yourself, your dreams and ideas, and I’m very sure this idealistic dream may come true.
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