The people and a monster

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I found Evita’s article to be quite touching. She was once a powerful woman but now as she gets past that phase in her life she wants to give her country and people one last gift, TRUTH. She talks about how much people lie in politics. Her word choice is optimal and the article flows very nicely. She goes on to talk about her husband and their relationship, with each other and with politics. She compliments him saying that he was also like her, fierce, fiery and most of all passionate. She did however find he a little bit too cocky. Peron talks a lot about the ‘people’ of Argentina she is trying to show that even though these people are separated by economic and social status (especially the poor) they all have a common goal for Argentina as a whole. Peron`s views on the future of Argentina are optimal, but at the same time I feel very unrealistic. Although if it were anyone to unite the people in Argentina it would be Evita Peron, and in order for the goals she listed they must be united. Only when as a society a country wants better for itself and to achieve justice, freedom and equality can change really happen.

Unfortunately for myself I don`t know a lot about Argentina during the time that this article was published. It really showed the “Monster“ , and how the people can sometimes be the enemy. In this case the people are the army. Much of what he said reminded me of military totalitarianism that was prevalent during the most wars. I found it interesting that both these authors have opposing opinions to one another. They both also feel that they are doing the right thing, so which one is right? It is hard to determine. On the one hand people like Peron, believe they are doing right, but others may views them as reckless leaders that are only thinking of their own personal gains.


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