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I want an Ipad!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
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Chances are, every time I turn on the TV I come across an Ipad/Iphone/Imac commercial and no matter how many times I’ve seen the commercial, I am still fascinated at the product’s capabilities (and design, quality, versatility… etc.). We are all well aware of how successful Apple is and how large a market share they possess without having to do research – it is evident in the number of people who own ipods (or people who own multiple generations of ipods), iphones, and macbooks. So if most people own an Apple product – or for the very least have heard of Apple – why must they spend money on Marketing and Advertising?

…It’s probably to “manipulate” easily persuaded people like myself into thinking they “need” the latest Apple product (or model). For instance, I am completely satisfied with my Macbook. It was lasted me 3 solid years and although it has recently been running a bit on the slow side, it still works perfectly fine. But let’s face it… now, I am more concerned with convenience and comfort than functionality. This laptop is a pain in the butt to lug to and from school everyday! It is SO HEAVY. So I could have easily opted for a simple netbook, you can find new ones these days for $200 or even less, but no, I want an Ipad 2 or a Macbook Air (thanks to the commercials), regardless that it comes at triple, or quintuple (that’s 5 times) the price, respectively.

The commercial for the Ipad 2 displayed above mentions how different groups of people such as parents, musicians, doctors, CEOs, teachers, and children value the Ipad in different ways; however, I am none of those, so why do I still desperately want one?According to the commercial, the Ipad is so versitile it has the ability to cater to all types of people – even doctors! They said “…to a doctor, it’s groundbreaking“, and on the ipad was an ultrasound… in what hospital today do doctors show future mothers their baby’s ultrasound on an Ipad? …I still want one!

I’m pretty sure the keyboard on the Ipad is so sensitive and tiny it is hard to type on, thus limiting its efficiency and capability.

I think I’m still going to get one 🙂

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