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Black Friday craziness

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Last Saturday I headed down to the states for post Black Friday shopping. I love going shopping in the states and even more when the discounts are mind boggling cheap. Being Canadian, we do not have the same luxury of post-thanksgiving deals but Boxing Day is a good competitor. The buildup to November 25th was overwhelming – numerous emails and commercials marketed and informed me of the deals and regardless of all the terrifying youtube videos and news reports about aggressive shoppers, I can’t say no to a sale! And even though I headed down on the Saturday, not the Friday, the stores were still packed and the shopping spirit alive.

I routinely head south for my shopping trips because on any given day, you will always save money. Regardless of the strength of our dollar, the Canadian markup on the same items is ridiculous! I found boots that retail in Canada at $175 for $125 US (regular price!!!) at Nordstrom. So when I came across a fellow classmate’s blogpost, informing me that Nordstroms is coming to Vancouver, I got very excited! (..not for a few years, but exciting nonetheless!) Many American stores are slowing becoming “international”; previous exclusive American brands such as Abercrombie, Forever 21, and Victoria’s Secret are finding their way into the Canadian market. However, I still (and will always!) enjoy shopping in the States. There’s just something about good old America…

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