Monday June 4, 2018: Emma Novotny

Data Visualization Critique: A Graphic Design Perspective (Session 2)

Emma Novotny, Senior Graphic Designer in UBC Faculty of Arts has agreed to come back and lead another Visualization Feedback session (which was really great last time)!

If you have a visualization that you think could be improved, that you would like the eye of a graphic designer on, or would otherwise like feedback from Emma please submit it to Alison before the end of day on May 25th. With the visualization, please include:

  1. The context (what project is this for?
  2. What is the goal of the visualization?
  3. Who is the audience?
  4. How will it be used?
  5. Any other detail you think is important

If you don’t have your own visualization to show but know of one that you would like to see improved send that! Emma will choose 1-3 of the visualizations and spend time on the 4th talking about her thoughts on how to improve the visualization/ what she might change/other feedback.