Academic Integrity

All UBC law students are subject to the University’s rules on Academic Misconduct and are expected to act with academic integrity at all times. Students should be especially aware of the University’s rules in relation to plagiarism. If you plagiarize or commit another academic office, you may be subject to penalties set out in the UBC calendar.

To learn more about academic misconduct, visit the UBC Library’s material on Academic Integrity. Examples of academic misconduct can be found in the UBC Annual Report on Student Discipline. If you are in doubt about what constitutes plagiarism, please also consult with the instructor.



Turnitin is a vehicle to help students avoid plagiarism. It allows students to submit papers electronically and to view an “originality report.” This report will help students to identify possible problems. It might also help students identify relevant sources for their papers.

Students are required to submit their short assignments and their research papers to Turnitin before the due dates. Students may submit their papers as many times as they wish up to the due dates. The instructor will only review the final submission.

Please register for Turnitin and add yourself to LAW 315. The course ID for LAW 315 is: 6913795. You will be provided with the password in class.

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