Reminder: Fall 2014 CGSM Competition


The Fall 2014 CGSM application (2015-2016 competition) is available on the Tri-Agency portal (

Affiliated Fellowships:

The deadline across Canada for applications is *8pm Eastern Time, 1 December, 2014*. After this time, the research portal will close, and there will be no opportunity to re-open the application.

This is the deadline for all application materials, including reference letters.

It is the your responsibility to ensure that the references are submitted on time.

Before submitting an application, please review your eligibility. Complete eligibility criteria are available on the NSERC website.

If in doubt please check with Lia:


Common Questions and Answers:

*Q – Do I have to upload all of my undergraduate transcripts?*

A – Yes, all post-secondary transcripts must be included, even if no degree was obtained or sought at a particular university (e.g. transfer or exchange credits).


*Q – Can I upload a web transcript?*

A – No. All uploaded transcripts must be official (originally issued by the registrar).


*Q – What if I do not have a first-class average as determined by my current/previous institution(s) in each of my last two years of full-time study?*

A – Your graduate program may consider forwarding your application to the university-level competition as an exceptional case, but this award opportunity is highly competitive, and they must be able to put forward a strong justification for why you should be considered despite not meeting this criteria.


For more Q & A please see here:

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