Water restrictions and fire ban in effect on UBC campus (fixed links)


Sent on behalf of Ron Holton, Chief Risk Office and David Woodson, Managing Director, Energy and Water Services

This message is to inform you that continued record dry and unseasonably hot weather in May and June has led Metro Vancouver to issue Stage 2 water restrictions and an EXTREME fire rating for Pacific Spirit Regional Park and the Lower Mainland, both of which apply to the Vancouver campus.  We anticipate these restrictions will continue, and may become more strict, for the rest of the summer.

An extreme fire rating means:

  • no burn permits will be issued until further notice
  • all burn permits already issued are suspended until further notice
  • campfires and briquette barbeques are prohibited
  • use of propane barbeques and gas stoves is permitted in approved facilities under direct supervision
  • fire safety practices are in place for all UBC landscaping crews
  • the public is asked to be aware of spark and ignition sources; smokers should carefully dispose of butts and ashes in non-flammable locations

And as of Monday, July 6th UBC Vancouver has changed its water use practices, in compliance with Stage 2 restrictions:

  • water ponds and fountains will be taken off the potable water feed and drained, where required, to protect the asset from damage due to algae growth
  • lawn and garden bed watering will occur once per week where half the campus grounds will be watered on Tuesday and half of Wednesday, newly planted area are exempted from the restrictions and will be watered more frequently
  • window washing will be discontinued
  • power washing will be discontinued

You can learn more about the new water regulations or other tips to help you save water around campus and in your home on the Metro Vancouver site.

For questions regarding water use practices, please contact David Woodson, Managing Director, Energy and Water Services.

For questions regarding fire restrictions, please contact Ron Holton, Chief Risk Officer.

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