Seeking FNH 325/326 Teaching Assistant


We are looking for a responsible individual that will be able to perform the teaching assistant duty in the FNH 325/FNH 326, basic Food Science Laboratory I/II class. The position is for 58.5 hours and involves assisting the student in group settings on the experimental modules during the course hours.

The course essentially is the lab components of core food science courses such as food chemistry, food engineering/processing and food analysis, with some food microbiology.

The TA is needed for term 1 (Sept to December) and term 2 (Jan – April). Class is every Thursday from 1 pm to 5 pm, and there may be small amount of pre-lab prep/post-lab cleaning involved. There is NO marking responsibility associated with this position.

For further inquiry, please contact Dr. Ingrid Elisia at

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