2016 Friedman Scholars Program—Competition Now Open


2016 Friedman Scholars Program—Competition Now Open

Deadline: Thursday, March 31st, 2016 at 4:00pm PST

The Constance Livingstone-Friedman and Sydney Friedman Foundation Scholarships in Health Sciences are named after the first two faculty members in the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Drs. Constance and Sydney Friedman believed that a full well-rounded education requires students to learn from different perspectives and learn from different cultures. The goal of the Friedman Scholar program is to provide funding to graduate students or medical residents so that they can pursue a learning opportunity outside of Western Canada to further their career or to bring new perspectives to the education they have already received.


Scholarships range from $25,000 to $50,000 annually and are open to renewal for one time only. The amount of the scholarship will be at the discretion of the adjudication committee within the above stated range. Each recipient of a Friedman Scholarship will be designated a “Friedman Scholar”.

Eligibility and Restrictions

The Friedman Scholars Program is open to any UBC graduate student or UBC Medical Resident Trainee in the health-related sciences. Health sciences will be interpreted broadly; the field of study not only includes the obvious fields such as medicine, dentistry, audiology, nursing etc., but also includes any complementary work being done in other disciplines that relates to the promotion and dissemination of health related education (an example could be an economist working on a new funding model for health care or a botanist working on herbal remedies for a disease).

Friedman Scholars are expected to travel to other areas of the world to seek new perspectives and learn from experts in their fields. In order to be considered, travel must be outside of Western Canada (east of Manitoba) and beyond. Learners must engage with a leading figure or group for a minimum period of 6 months to gain new knowledge and perspectives in their field and absorb the scholarly culture of the host institution. The award funds received from this scholarship are to be used for expenses related to an opportunity to learn outside of Western Canada. None of the scholarship funds shall be used to pay down or reduce current or past educational debt, to pay a personal stipend for the learner, or to pay UBC tuition. While funds from the scholarship may be used for a research opportunity, the emphasis is on the quality of the learning experience through mentorship of a leading scholar or institution. This is not a vehicle for funding research projects.

For more information, including full guidelines and profiles of previous winners, please visit: http://grad-postdoc.med.ubc.ca/friedman-scholars-program/

Note that this award program is managed by the Faculty of Medicine – contact information is available in the FAQ on the website above.

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