CONFORWest 2016


The CONFORWest 2016 graduate student conference is approaching and we would like to encourage graduate students from Canada and the United States to participate in this unique opportunity.

CONFORWest is an annual conference for graduate and senior level undergraduate students, who are studying environmental sciences, forestry, and other natural resource management fields (including social sciences and humanities).

It is organized by graduate students from northwestern North America, who hope to provide a unique and comfortable forum for discussing future challenges in resource management fields, while building networks with peers. We hope to expose graduate students to varying perspectives on environmental and forestry research from outside their disciplines and to encourage meaningful dialogue between students of different research backgrounds.

CONFORWest 2016 will be held from April 8-11, 2016 at the Barrier Lake Field Center in beautiful Kananaskis, AB. The abstract submission deadline is March 11th 2016.

For additional information visit our website at or contact us at Sincerely, The CONFORWest 2016 organizing committee

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