CIRTL graduate teaching training course


Dear Graduate students,

There is a new initiative at UBC to train graduate students to teach as instructors in science undergraduate classes.  This Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) at UBC offers students a certification as a CIRTL Associate, Practitioner, or Scholar.  To become a CIRTL Associate, students can either take an Instructional Skills Workshop, or a new non-credit course called ‘Foundations of Pedagogy1’ in the upcoming term.  The goal of the Foundations of Pedagogy course is for students to use concepts in evidence-based teaching to effectively teach a lesson in a STEM undergraduate classroom, with emphasis on alignment of learning objectives, activities, and assessment. The course will be held at the UBC Library Research Commons (Koerner room 216), every other Weds from 3-6 PM starting Jan 11, 2017. Registration and more information about course content can be found here: 

For other CIRTL cross network courses, which are open to students from UBC, see the CIRTL-central website. 

For questions about Foundations of Pedagogy 1 or CIRTL in general, please email Jens at 


Lacey Samuels 

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