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Dear Graduate Students,

First a warm and heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to help us with our photo shoot last week. It was such a help, and we’re so thankful!

GSS Social & Recreational: – The GSS is super excited to host an End of Term Party! We’ll have 3 rounds of FREE Beer Tasting including Spring beers, Dark beers, Pale ales! We’ll have a DJ rocking the most happening music (no matter how young or old you are!), we’ll have a dance instructor for the studious among you, mad snacks and desserts! Tickets available now here, or at our front desk during business hours. Get them! Early bird tickets are $5 until April 15th. PS: Come help us host! We’re looking for 3 volunteers for the night. Your ticket (including a beer or shot) is on us. Come on, email us

– GSS Figure Skating Class starts April 25th! Learn spins, jumps, fundamental edge control and figure skating skills. Explore movement on ice and improvise to music! The GSS is offering 7 sessions on Friday’s between 9.00-10.00am at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre.Register by April 16th! It’s only $50 for Grad Students & $60 for Non-Grads! More details.

– GSS Ice Skating Class starts April 25th too! Learn to skate in this course, designed for Adults with limited or no experience. Get familiar with the ice and arena environment with our professional instructors and learn to balance and glide. The GSS is offering 7 sessions starting April 25th on Fridays, 9:00­-10:00am at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre. Register by April 16th! It’s only $50 for Grad Students & $60 for Non-­Grads.

– 2014 GSS Summer Sports League is back! Create your team and come out and play either Soccer or Softball!  Game day will be Fridays over the months of May-July. Click the link for details, then create your team and Register by May 1st!

– GSS & Scotiabank have partnered to help you begin building a more financially secure future. This Monday, April 14th at 5.00pm-6.30pm at GSS Thea’s Lounge, you will learn how to build and maintain a healthy credit history, how to obtain your first mortgage to purchase a home & how to invest for your long-term future. Register by emailing We will bring the pizza and beverages!

GSS Sponsored Events: – The GSS is proud to support UBC Department of Botany’s Graduate Student Association as they hold their annual BGSA symposium on Friday, April 11th, at Michael Smith Laboratories. The symposium is an opportunity for graduate students to share their research, build cohesion and establish links across the department. The Keynote address will be given by Professor Sean Graham on the evolutionary relationships between land-plants. There will be free snacks provided, including lunch and an evening closing reception at the BioDiversity Building Auditorium. Check out the website for more details.

And best to all of you as the semester proceeds to exit (slowly, majestically) stage left. Air is good for the lungs, and cherry blossoms are a comfort to the screen glazed eye, and thus the part of our brain some of us call the heart.


GSS Communications Coordinator

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