Dear Graduate Students,

Ever wondered about the quality of humanity out on the streets of UBC? Asked someone to watch your stuff while you went to the bathroom? The Ubyssey did the same thing a while ago, and videotaped it. In case you missed it.

In your work and play, hydrate!

GSS Opportunities

The GSS is hiring 3 Summer Orientation Information Officers to support us in welcoming new Graduate Students to UBC between August 21st-August 29th 2014. Please apply by July 25th at5pm! Read the guidelines and responsibilities pertaining to these positions. It will be about 35hours worth of work, and will pay $400. We’d love to have you.

GSS Research & Conferences

We still want your voice in our Poll! It’ll take you 15minutes.

Tell us what you’d like the GSS to focus on in our advocacy work for graduate students on campus, and at the provincial and federal levels; what kinds of academic, social and professional events you’d be interested in having, and what you’d like to see in our communications this coming year.

We’re so grateful for your participation. It literally makes our day.

Fun facts! In four months, you can participate in the Vancouver local election. There are several days to vote, on and around the November 15th 2014 date. Is Vancouver home for you? Are you registered? Just checking!

Also: in your work and play, hydrate!

– Ngwatilo: for your GSS.

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