Innovative Dissemination of Research Award (Deadline Extension)


Established by the UBC Library in 2010, this Award focuses on new and innovative ways of communicating and disseminating knowledge. The Award honors UBC faculty, staff and students who are expanding the boundaries of research through the creative use of new tools and technologies that enhance the research findings being disseminated. The nomination deadline is 5pm on November 29, 2013.

What is meant by research findings?

“Research findings” is meant to be interpreted broadly and to encompass a range of scholarly activity including educational, knowledge translation and other research tools such as altmetrics. The committee will focus on the innovative vehicle used for dissemination, specifically on how that vehicle enhances the impact of the research findings.

Who is eligible?

All faculty, staff, and students of the University are eligible.


Given the nature of the award, the committee will consider nominees by reviewing each in light of a series of questions.

  • How is this format different from what has happened in your discipline in the past?
  • Does the dissemination model for the information significantly enhance the audience experience?
  • Does the dissemination model suggest new ways of applying the knowledge by the manner in which it is packaged?
  • Does the dissemination model for the information engage/attract a different audience in the use of material?
  • Does the vehicle merge forms of communication in new ways to give the recipient enhanced options? – video, text, images, software manipulations etc.


The award consists of a framed certificate of recognition and a $2,000 cash prize.

Nomination Procedure

All UBC faculty, staff, and students may nominate themselves or others as candidates for the Library Innovative Dissemination of Research Award. Complete the attached form. Add any additional information which you believe the committee would find helpful. Ensure that you have included a mechanism for reviewing the actual material such as a URL or copy of the research vehicle.

Visit the Award website for additional information.