MSc Defense for Ana Cancarevic – Wednesday, June 25 @ 1:00


The University of British Columbia – Faculty of Land and Food Systems

The Oral Examination For the Degree of

M.Sc. (Food Science)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
1:00 pm
FNH 220

Ana Cancarevic

Influence of Vitamin Exposure on Escherichia coli 0157:H7 attachment, stress response and virulence

Supervisory Committee

Dr. Brent Skura (Supervisor)
Dr. Brett Finlay (Committee member)
Dr. Wei Zhang (Committee member)

Examining Committee

Dr. Christine Scaman (Chair)
Dr. Brent Skura (Supervisor)
Dr. Brett Finlay (Committee member)
Dr. Wei Zhang (Committee member)
Dr. Siyun Wang (External examiner)

Everyone is welcome to attend!

Working Alone/After Hours Proposed Policy


As part of the ongoing effort to upgrade the safety standards for faculty, staff and students within the Faculty the Health and Safety Committee has developed a proposed working alone/after hours policy. This policy reads as follows:

Working alone in laboratories
For safety reasons, working alone1 in laboratories is by permission only. For situations where a person is assigned to work alone or in isolation and where assistance would not readily be available, supervisors must complete a formal risk assessment and develop a procedure to ensure the health and safety of the worker (staff and students). See for details.

1 The definition of working alone, is the performance of work by an individual who is out of audio or visual range of another individual for more than a few minutes at a time.

Working after hours in laboratories
For safety reasons, working after hours in laboratories is by permission only. Consent must be obtained from both the faculty supervisor and the laboratory supervisor (if they are not the same person), ideally in writing. Working after hours with hazardous chemicals (such as concentrated acids, flammables, etc.) is prohibited. A sign-in sheet is available to assist in the tracking of after-hours work. Supervisors have the responsibility to formulate specific safety rules and safe work procedures for their staff, students and their area of supervision.

We would welcome any comments regarding this policy by June 27th 2014. It is proposed that this policy would be included as part of the student orientation form(s) and become a guiding principle for the Faculty. Please feel free to forward any comments to: